Frequently Asked Questions


  • Propane: 200 gallons
  • Fuels: 150 gallons

Please give us a call at least 7 business days before you need propane, or when your tank is down to 30%. This will ensure we can provide timely service for your Will Call requests.

Yes, we can provide a same-day emergency delivery for your tank. Since this requires us to rearrange our drivers’ schedules and routes, there’s an extra fee involved:


  • Monday–Thursday: $200
  • Friday–Sunday: $250


If your tank is empty when we arrive, we’ll need to do a pressure test for an additional $50 fee.

Please make sure the path from where the delivery truck parks to the tank is clear of any debris, animal droppings, etc.


In winter months, it’s very helpful if you’re able to clear a path through snow for the driver.

Running out of propane is a serious matter. It can leave you without heat, create safety hazards, and incur additional costs. Here are some potential problems if your propane tank runs out:


  • If a valve or gas line is open when your supply runs out, a leak can happen when the tank is refilled.
  • Air and moisture can get into an empty tank, causing rust to form inside. This rust can weaken the distinct smell of propane, making leaks harder to detect.
  • If your propane tank runs out, any pilot lights on your appliances will go out. This can be dangerous if not addressed correctly.


Any disruption in service, like a run-out, requires a leak test by a technician. You’ll need to cover the cost of this service ($50).

Yes! A proof of ownership is required before we are able to fill any tank.

You will definitely know if a propane tank is leaking by the pungent, “rotten egg” smell of propane — an odorant is added to propane for safety.


If you think your propane tank may be leaking:


  1. Put out all smoking materials and any other open flames.
  2. Do not operate any appliances, switches, or thermostats.
  3. Get everyone outside and away from gas equipment.
  4. Shut off the gas supply using the shutoff valve at the tank or cylinder (turn clockwise to the right).
  5. Call us at 810-688-3575. We have 24-hour emergency service. Please use your neighbor’s phone if there’s a gas smell in your house.
    Stay outside and leave the gas off until the leak has been found and fixed.

We pride ourselves on being a company with no hidden fees, and do not charge for hazardous material handling, fuel surcharge, etc. The only time you will incur extra fees with us is if:

  • You run out and require a system pressure test.
  • You need a same day delivery.
  • You require a delivery under our minimum delivery amount.

We accept cash, check, money orders, State of Michigan Energy Drafts,  and credit cards (2% surcharge).

Payment is due prior to delivery (in-person, over the phone, or online) for customers who don’t have a credit agreement in good standing with us.


For customers with a credit agreement in good standing, invoice payments are due 30 days from the day of delivery.

We offer a Pre-Buy Budget plan which runs from June to March. This allows you to lock in your price on a set number of gallons for the heating season and split the cost into 10 monthly payments.


If you do not wish to lock in your price but still wish to budget your heating costs, we encourage you to send in payments all year long . These payments will be credited to your account for future use. Even $25 or $50 per month all year long can keep you from having a large expense all at once.

We offer Pre-Buy starting in June of each year which will lock in your price through March the following year for a predetermined number of gallons.

If you know the size of your tank (120, 200, 250, 325, 475, 500, or 1000 gallon), you can take the percentage reading on the gauge and multiply it by the tank size.


For example: If the gauge on a 500-gallon propane tank shows 25%, there’s approximately 125 gallons of propane remaining in the tank (500 x .25 = 125).


Please keep in mind that gauges can vary 5%–10% due to the temperature. If it’s hot outside or if the tank is in the sun, the gauge will likely read higher than if it’s cold outside.

We need to leave extra space in your tank to allow for the propane to safely expand. Above ground propane tanks are typically filled to about 80%–85% capacity while underground tanks can be filled slightly higher because they’re insulated against the heat.


The extra space in the tank provides a cushion against the pressure that builds up inside the tank. This “80% rule” is especially important in hot weather, when liquid propane will expand the most.


Keep in mind that the amount of gas in the tank doesn’t actually change during periods of expansion and contraction, only its density does. If you notice that the tank gauge reading fluctuates slightly during quick temperature swings (like hot days with cool nights), don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal.

Please visit for utility assistance programs and resources.

Yes! We lease tanks from 120 to 500 gallons.


The rental fee is $125 per year and the price per gallon on a leased tank is always $0.15 higher than an owed tank.